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atvs en cancun & Riviera Maya

Come and experience the iconic Ruta de los Cenotes

Looking for things to do in Cancun and surrounding ? wild adventure park is ready to offer you an action packed day of adrenaline, exciting adventure and FUN in one awesome excursion! Discover a Mayan jungle and a great cenote to practice ziplines, ATVs, horseback riding and swimming. Get diconnected from thecnology and live an adventure expirience with us.

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We have an excellente combined pack for everyone !!

Eco Adventure Package

Above option brings you to the heart of the mayan jungle to fly over the treetops and dive into a gorgeous sacred cenote! No experience necessary, our friendly guides will teach you all you need to know to be ziplining in Riviera Maya like a professional in no time! Once you’ve worked up a sweat in the treetops, we’ll take you to the ancient open cenote “Las Mojarras”. This is one of the oldest known cenotes in the region and is a perfect place to refresh and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the jungle. Dare to splash down on the water landing zipline or take a high dive off one of the platforms or simply relax in a hammock listening to the sounds of the jungle birds.


  • Wear walk shorts as the harness might be uncomfortable if you use only your swimsuit.
  • For your own comfort, wear a t-shirt that can get wet. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes, you can keep all your personal belongings in the locker ($5.00 USD extra)
  • All activities at the Park involve getting wet, this is why we recommend using a swimsuit all the time during your stay at the park.
  • Wear special water shoes or any footwear as long as it can get wet, and and closed-toe shoes
  • You can help us preserve and take care of our ecosystem! To avoid affecting the natural balance of the ecosystem, only use sunblock, sunscreen and insect repellent containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Join our program of using biodegradable and chemical-free products.